The much-needed balance and peace in modern life is increasingly sought after and increasingly difficult to find. The hectic pace of life interwoven with stress and psychophysical exhaustion brings us into a state of imbalance that is fundamentally energetic in nature. Stagnation of energy flow in the body, or energy blockages are places where pain occurs, and where the painful syndromes are formed and further associated with slowed flow in other organs which makes the symptoms associated in disease.

Many years of experience, the application of the latest methods and commitment to each patient are the key to the trust of our patients. Dr. Nenezić's office is the most modern, best-equipped and comprehensive regional center for the treatment of spine, sports injuries and improving human health. The only practice in Montenegro where there is an integrative, holistic approach to patient treatment because it combines classical medicine with traditional medicine - acupuncture as well as numerous modern methods.

The combination of all these methods is what gives exceptional results in the treatment because the benefits of each method are used and they adapt to the condition and reactions of the patient to the treatment. That is why it is extremely important that the treatment is under the constant supervision of a doctor specializing in classical and traditional medicine. In this way, the treatment is completed in the shortest possible period and with prolonged effects of treatment that enable a long-term stable health condition of the patient.

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Dr Dušan Nenezić mr.sci

Saša Milunovic

Applied physiotherapy specialist

Bokan Vesna

Specialization: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Sonja Nejkov

Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist

Marijana Karadžić

Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist

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