In our practice we applied the Swedish method of Chiropractic by Dr. W.P. Ackermann, Founder of the Ackermann Institute. The Ackermann Institute is a well-known alternative-medicine institute in Sweden, founded in 1968. The institute has wide-ranging competence that has been recognized worldwide. To obtain long-term therapeutic effects, we have holistic approach.

Chiropractic is a manipulative technique that corrects the position of the hand joints and vertebrae. Attach the bones and joints is one of the traditional methods. In 1897. year. founded the first school of Chiropractic-Palmer School. Then chiropractic named, derived from the word Chiros-hand, praxis-work, meaning done by hand.

The roots of today's chiropractic can be found in traditional Chinese medicine, according to which the structure of each body determines its function. If there is a change in the structure, there is a blockage, block, and in that place blocks to interrupt the flow of life energy and the disease incidence. Chiropractic task is that on the eve of the block, to eliminate block with manipulative techniques, thus remove the power block at a certain level, and the body is then given the opportunity to initiate a natural organism is self-healing process.