Perineural injection technique / Prolo-PIT /

A unique technique for infiltrating dilution of natural substances and vitamins into acupuncture points. It is a form of non-operative treatment of disc herniation, radiculopathy / nerve inflammation ..etc.

Dr. Dusan Nenezic is the only doctor of medicine who applies this method of treatment in Montenegro, belongs to the group ESP European School of Prolotherapy, and there are only a couple of doctors who apply this technique in the entire region of the former Yugoslavia.

Outstanding treatment results are achieved with:

  • DISCUS Hernia
  • Pain in all joints
  • Ruptures of ligaments and muscles
  • Headaches, migraines
  • Sports injuries
  • Rheumatic diseases

The advantages of this method are:

  • rapid healing effect
  • tissue regeneration
  • possibility of periodic application
  • no negative effects
  • combines well with other therapeutic procedures - (acupuncture, laser, physical therapy).