PRP treatments

The most modern PRP technique in the Private Health Institution Dr Nenezic

PRP treatment (platelet rich plasma) is a treatment that involves the application of growth factors and stem cells of own blood (blood plasma). This medical procedure uses the power that platelets and growth factors in the blood have to stimulate stem cell response. Stem cells support the formation of new collagen and blood vessels, repairing damaged tissue.
PRP treatment: knee, ankle, hip, elbow, shoulder and soft tissue.

PRP in orthopedics

In orthopedics, this therapy is most often used for degenerative changes in joints.

The goal of therapy is to prevent further deterioration of the joint and to partially regenerate the damaged tissue, especially cartilage, so the patient has significantly less discomfort. All joints can be treated, without exception, and most often

  • knee
  • hip bone
  • shoulder
  • ankle

Sports injuries and PRP

The application of regenerative medicine for sports injuries gives excellent results. It can be used in all types of tendinopathy as well as in partial ruptures, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Therapy can be performed for acute and chronic changes in the musculoskeletal system, and its goal is to extract from blood the necessary components for healing of the tissue and that they are applied locally to the site of injury. The procedure is performed by a medical doctor licensed to apply this method, most commonly under the control of ultrasound, in order to define and treat the injured area as precisely as possible.
This therapy can treat:

  • rotator cuff
  • tennis elbow / golf elbow
  • “Jumper knee”, ligament injuries CL et M
  • Achilles tendon injury