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Acupuncture is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), 5000 years old. Word acupuncture origins from Latin words acus (needle) and pungere (puncture). Traditional Chinese medicine observes a man as a whole, therefore it does not treat only consequences, but attention is paid to the cause of the problem, i.e. disease. Which is exactly the advantage acupuncture has over other medical disciplines, it heals a disease through holistic approach but at the same time exerts positive effect on the whole organism providing uninterrupted flow of life energy, CHI. Precisely the standstill of the life energy in some of those acupunctural meridians is the very place of pain, i.e. place where a certain disease is localized. Acupuncture establishes a balance in the whole body, (balance between Jing and Jang), spiritual and physical balance. Natural way of treatment, without ingestion of any substances into the body makes an important advantage of acupuncture over other medical disciplines, unlike the modern methods of treatment by drugs (chemicals).


Physical therapy is the application of physical procedures in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. As such, it is necessary in rehabilitation after fractures and injuries.

Infiltration Methods

Physical therapy is the application of physical procedures in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. As such, it is indispensable in rehabilitation after fractures and injuries, and an important link in the treatment of the spine and joints.


In our practice we applied the Swedish method of Chiropractic by Dr. W.P. Ackermann, Founder of the Ackermann Institute. The Ackermann Institute is a well-known alternative-medicine institute in Sweden, founded in 1968. The institute has wide-ranging competence that has been recognized worldwide. To obtain long-term therapeutic effects, we have holistic approach. Chiropractic is a manipulative technique that corrects the position of the hand joints and vertebrae. Attach the bones and joints is one of the traditional methods. In 1897. year. founded the first school of Chiropractic-Palmer School. Then chiropractic named, derived from the word Chiros-hand, praxis-work, meaning done by hand.


Dr. Dusan Nenezic is a licensed Atlasprof, first official representative of Atlasprofilax method for Montenegro. Atlasprofilax method is a simple, verified effective method for prevention and therapy through improvement of energy flow. Atlas (first cervical vertebrae) carries not only the head, but is responsible for a large number of difficulties and diseases if it is not placed in its proper place. Did you know that the highest cervical vertebra ATLAS is rotated in 90% of cases? This condition leads to a large number of physical as well as mental illnesses, but it does not need to be so! René-Claudius Schümperli from Switzerland has discovered and patented this method, whereby this problem is permanently resolved by one precise and harmless treatment. The method is practiced in all European countries but also in other continents.Rotated atlas causes continuous pressure on the spinal cord, cerebral nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic channels, causing psychological and physical problems and creates disease. Balance and symmetry of the body are also compromised because of that, so problems with curved spine emerge.


Ultrasound examinations of muscles and joints on the latest Siemens device Acute and chronic joint pain Acute and chronic muscle and tendon pain Reduced range of motion Muscle strokes and trauma Tangible hard masses or "holes" in the muscle Tendon tightening or pain when moving.