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Atlasprofilax - Atlas Adjustment

Dr Dušan Nenezić is a licensed Atlasprof and the first official representative of the Atlasprofilax method in Montenegro. The Atlasprofilax method is a simple, proven effective method for prevention and therapy by improving energy flow. The atlas (the first cervical vertebra) not only supports the head but is also responsible for a large number of difficulties and diseases if it is not in its correct position. Did you know that the highest cervical vertebra - the ATLAS - is rotated in 90% of cases? This condition leads to a large number of physical and psychological disturbances, but it doesn't have to be this way! Rene - Claudius Schumperli from Switzerland discovered and patented this method, which permanently eliminates this problem with one precise and safe treatment. The method is applied in all European countries and on other continents. A rotated atlas causes permanent pressure on the spinal cord, brain nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic channels, causes psycho-physical problems, and creates diseases. The balance and symmetry of the body are also compromised, leading to problems with a curved spine.


The consequences are the following symptoms and diseases:

- Headache, migraines
- Dizziness (vertigo), ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
- Neck pain, stiffness (Cervicobrachial syndrome - pain in the arms)
- Back pain, disc herniation
- Lumboischialgia (sciatica), radiculopathy
- Neuralgias of various origins (nerve entrapment)
- Pain in the hips, knees
- Scoliosis (curved spine), kyphosis (hunchback), poor posture

By returning the atlas to the correct position, the body regains balance, receives a new impulse, and creates conditions for unimpeded energy flow and communication between the brain and other parts of the body. Numerous ailments are alleviated and the health of the entire organism is improved. As such, it is also applied in children to ensure healthier development.

Photographs of the Patient's Condition Before Treatment

Method for Realigning the Atlas into its Proper Position

Patient's Condition After Realigning the Atlas into its Proper Position